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MLP Isabella by meimei152 MLP Isabella :iconmeimei152:meimei152 0 0 MLP Ferb by meimei152 MLP Ferb :iconmeimei152:meimei152 0 0 MLP Phineas by meimei152 MLP Phineas :iconmeimei152:meimei152 0 0 MLP Candace by meimei152 MLP Candace :iconmeimei152:meimei152 0 0
TD Myths Part III: Cody's Got A Girlfriend
  Lindsay was walking along a beach where she saw a girl. Her name was Sierra...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lindsay's Confessional~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  "She thinks she's so much beautifuller than me well I'll show her or whoever."
   "CON!" yelled Lindsay. Cody came up, "It's Cody mother". "Go hit Sierra and make her fall in love with an ugly thing like a branch," said Lindsay. Cody didn't think branches were ugly but he did as he was told. He came up to Sierra and shot her, unfortunately it made her fall in love with him...
   "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Sierra. She never saw someone so hot before. Cody flew but Sierra grabbed him and BOOM! They were at his Palace. Sierra married Cody (by force duh.). Lindsay just stared and forgot everything.
   Months of crazy Sierras and toothbrush stalking later, Cody snapped. "Look Sierra.. You're nice but just uh go away. Please?" said Cody. Si
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Total Drama Myths Part II: The Winter Solstice
     It was winter... And everyone one of the Olympians hated it. "Chef! Where is my breakfast!" called Chris as Chef was running towards the room. "Here it is," said Chef. "Thank you... would be something I would say if I cared. Now, the Winter meeting is coming up in four hours and we need everyone here. Now blow the horn! And this time, you are blowing until everyone is here," Chris ordered, "I don't get paid enough for this job," muttered Chef as he blew the horn.
    "Trent hurry up! Winning 10,000,000 times in a row will make it get old. Plus our ear drums won't break as easily if we get there faster," said Sky. "Look! It's nine flowers colored midnight blue, Gwen's favorite color..." said Trent. "For the millionth time! Gwen has been married to Duncan, longer than... She has been married for five millennia!" yelled Sky.
    "Now usually I have my interns introduce everyone. But I fired them and Chef is at karaoke night.
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Cozzy: A Coconut Asks Izzy Out by meimei152 Cozzy: A Coconut Asks Izzy Out :iconmeimei152:meimei152 3 0 The Death of Mr. Coconut by meimei152 The Death of Mr. Coconut :iconmeimei152:meimei152 1 3 Mr. Coconut by meimei152 Mr. Coconut :iconmeimei152:meimei152 1 0
Total Drama Myths: chapter 1-Joining The Amazons
  Courtney awoke to a knock on the door. She got up and opened the door to find Brick standing there. "How do you do?" asked Brick. "Fine until some messenger god woke me up." Courtney growled. Brick handed her a scroll and flew away. Courtney read the scroll:
  Dear Courtney,
                                    IZZY OUT!
   Courtney met Izzy at a forest clearing. "What do you want." Courtney snapped. Izzy grabbed her wrist and dragged her five miles into the woods. "Wow..."  She had never seen something so beautiful and deadly. "Welcome to our Amazonian country." Izzy said. "Amazo- WHAAA" Izzy dragged her to a big temple.
 "This is the throne room for the queen. Anyway, you are in Amazon territory. The Amazons are an a
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I LOVE IT! I like how you kept their outfits only with a touch up. Plus they are all my favorite female characters except Bridgette. Ok...



    Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long, since I've done stuff. The end of the school year was VERY busy. Then from June 1-6, I was camping in the dunes of Michigan with my class. I'm still working on my fanfictions and whatnot. Since summer vacation started last Saturday for me, I will be picking up where I left off in the fanfictions, plus some photography and drawings if I can get to it. We had a photography lesson at school, so I'm hoping to take some pictures of stuff.
    I'd like to say how much I'll be uploading, but sadly I can't say. Hopefully, I will be able to wrap up some stories I have, so I can write some others. Also, I will be deleting some stuff as well. Sorry this is really short, but I have nothing else to say. So Good Luck And Don't Die! Or at least try not to die.
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Ok. let's see where to start...
I am a loyal fan of a LOT OF STUFF! Doctor Who, Hetalia, Harry Potter, PJO and MLP, just to name a few. I like writing more than drawing. I also photography and while drawing isn't my forte, I can still draw... Better than sister and teacher that is.
There are many things I like: Blue, Green, #23, #27, America, Canada, England, Australia (the countries, not the personifications), nature, birds, flowers, batman... And now I'm rambling.
I hope you like my account. Or at least not hate it:) So... Good Luck, Be Awesome & Don't Die!

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